Viva la



the highest quality sound, and what is beyond it...


There is a HiFi, there is a High End, there are all esoteric miracle systems.

There is the audiophile heaven in the supreme where the aristocracy of the playback equipment exists and where there is no ostentation and no frills.

They rarely come into the world of the everyday life but then it is a celebration to even hear them supreme sound systems let alone to own one.

If they get to be rolled into a test hearing then they will mostly win, but one would wonder is it at all meaningful to compare these devices with each other.


What would be the meaning to compare a 1950 Chateau Mouton-Rothschild with a Screaming Eagle of 1992?

Just as these wines as the BM's products should sometimes be sampled and enjoyed so then be appreciated having such great creations in this world.