It has been 40 years since Toshiba launched the first optical pickup. The technology exploded and instantly fascinated the enthusiasts of the analog world. Almost all of the companies followed this mastermind idea that could get more out of analog technology. They focused on things like magnet-free and simple electronics. And all its benefits were immediately revealed when playing a simple analogue record.


Digital Stream Corporation (DSC) is located in quite residential area of Sagami-Ono, Kanagawa Prefecture. It was founded in 1989 as the K+F company in the field of advanced laser optics, and soon gained reputation in the industry.

DSC is known as a provider of industrial laser optical systems in the optical disc market, in the Medial test devices and various laser optical devices.

For example, the optical mouse was developed by Microsoft and DSC.

It changed the world. The USB1. was the first USB unit ever launched by Microsoft on a gaming device and, of course it was DSC’s technology.


As part of this company, DS Audio specialized in optical pickups and almost immediately gaind success by launching the DS Master 1.

The DS Master 1's optical cartridges maximally utilized the latest technology and their potentials to show that many new dimensions can be found in analogue music playback.


All DS pickups are hand made and using the state-of-the-art technology.

All sophisticated testers and optical devices are made by skilled engineers. Even the electrical components are soldered by hand and This time-consuming assembly processes allows only two pickups to be produced per day. The pickups are then tested over and over again so that the aging characteristics can be recorded.



Before finishing the final product they test the pickups by play five different sound quality and genre for the sound test and compare them to the test recordings. If everything is fine and the product measures up to the level of high-end levle and high-tech criteria then the delivery begins to the customer.