The BestMusic is a childhood dream come true.

For 40 years we've been just searching and searching for the best playback devices.

The time has just come for us recently that the playback systems can produce the real replication of the sound that was heard at recording.

This is partly due to the fact that many of the companies gained decades of experience in the production of professional recording technology have entered the market for playback devices.

They offer the same auditive quality with almost "indestructible" assembly quality, which has brought them so much success in the past.

The other line is the world of developers seeking the perfect illusion of live music.

Extremely fine tuned components, unique solutions create the impressive experience of listening and bring it to the home of sophisticated music enthusiast.

Who can decide on which would be the right direction?

A handcrafted Shindo amplifier or an ultra high tech Magico speaker.

Which one is better? In this world, it really is only the decision that best serves the customer's desires or which provides the perfect experience of dissolution.

The BestMusic can help you make the right decision by demo-ing in your home well-known recognised components form selected manufacturers for each dedicated audio systems.

Our mission is expressed by Mozart's eternal thought:


"Music, even in the worst moments should not be disturbing and harsh to the ear, instead that should protect and pamper it.
So music will remain music forever."


The BestMusic offers high quality tools

for this experience!