Kudelski was founded in 1951 named after the Polish born founder Stefan Kudelski.

The founding of the company justified the development of a new voice recorder in every respect:. Kudelski's portable tape recorder, NAGRA, was first recognized that year.

This small, lightweight, portable and high-quality sound recorder was an exeptional recorder for the audio professionals. In a television and film, radio world, NAGRA has become a trademark of sound quality and reliability.



The Nagra III, 4.2 and Nagra IV-S Time Code are high standard reference to filmmaking sound engineers and they are equally appreciated and value by other audio professionals.

The Nagra's performance has been recognized by three Oscars and one Emmy Award. It should be highlited that the best Jazz recording of the century the XX " Jazz at the Pawnshop" album was recorded with two Nagra 4s.



In 1997 they entered the world of audiophile music with their high-end devices. On January 1, 2012 the audio division established an independent company under the name Audio Technology Switzerland.

The Kudelski family continues the traditional precision engineering in audio-quality as ones was the founding philosophy of the company. These values have been the trademark of Nagra for 60 years. ATS designs, manufactures and distributes Nagra products all over the world for professional, high end audiophile and industrial users.

ATS provides for all their affiliates and resellers high quality assurance and professional support.


Their philosophy is to provide all their customers with a high-quality devices with the utmost respect for environmentally friendly manufacturing  and continuous industry standardization.